What is included?


All of the parts below make up the total fumo windguard system. The windguard is to be used as a steady heat source for your hookah pipe. It is designed to keep a constant temperature from the time the coals bring the unit up to heat (5 - 6 minutes) until the coals are spent and need replacement.


How many coals are needed?

Since the WG2 can be used with many hookah bowls and configurations the answer varies depending on several variables such as, coal size, coal type, bowl size, bowl type and the ambient temperature of the smoking environment. Typically as few as 3 coals and as many as 5 coals may be necessary depending on conditions. We have successfully tested the WG2 in many environments and we have had success the majority of the time with 3 or 4 mediums sized coals (30mm). We recommend initially 4 medium sized coals for your first experience with the WG2. All coals need to be fully heated for the unit to perform properly. By fully heated the coal need to be fully developed and red hot with no black (cold) spots on the coals. A little experimentation with the WG2 will get you to the perfect heat you need for your situation.  

How should you fill the bowl?


The bowl is filled depending on what size bowl you are using. The WG2 is designed to be a universal product that fits on nearly all hookah bowls on the market large and small. As it goes there are two basic types of bowl fittings that apply. With larger - wider diameter bowls the WG2 sits on top of the shisha bowl. In this configuration and as illustrated on the left hand side below, you can fill the shisha tobacco to the top of the rim as the WG2 automatically gives the tobacco the space it needs to operate properly. It is important that there is not more than a 6 millimeter (0.25 inch) space between the bottom screen and the shisha or the WG2 will be less effective.

With smaller more narrow diameter bowls it is important to allow a small space between the top of the bowl and the shisha tobacco. This space in both configurations allows the circulation of hot air, helps prevent over temperatures and keeps the shisha from sticking to the WG2. With smaller bowls for added ventilation to the bowl and shisha you can reverse the top and bottom screen positions by removing the screw and repositioning the screens so that the top is on the bottom and the bottom screen is on the top.

Tip: After filling the shisha bowl to the appropriate level, wipe off any excess liquid or material left over from the loading process. This will keep this material from burning and sticking to the bowl or to the WG2.

How to properly use the WG2

1. Position the WG2 base (screen) on the bowl as depicted in the above diagram.

2. Initially add 3 or 4 fully heated coals to the top of the screen base, then place the protective cover along with the top screen on top of the screen base using coal tongs or by using the fumo Aluminum Tool as depicted below.

3. Make sure the distance between the bottom screen and the shisha tobacco is not more than 6 millimeters or 1/4 inches. The WG2 is designed to work at a optimal distance of around 3 millimeters or 1/8 of an inch. If there is an excessive space the WG2 will not function in an optimal fashion. For larger bowls where he WG2 sits on top of the bowl make sure the bowl is filled to the top rim of the bowl. The WG2 is designed to automatically give you the proper spacing.

4. Let WG2 unit sit for 2 - 4 minutes to allow the unit to begin to heat up, then begin to draw on the hookah. As you draw on the hookah the smoke will go from thin smoke to full heavy smoke in about 4 - 10 minutes depending on the coals, hookah configuation and ambient smoking environment temperature. If the unit heat up takes longe than this time or if a full heavy smoke does not develop within this time, check to make sure the coals are fully heated. If the coals are fully heated then add one additional fully heated coal until desired results.  

How to handle the hot parts?

Included with the WG2 is the handling tool. It's purpose is to allow the user to manipulate the heat screen, heat cover and base unit. Also it is possible to use the fumo hookah tongs to achieve the same degree of control in moving these parts. Illustrated below is how you should use the tool and/or tongs to move the parts when hot.

Warning:  Don't attempt to move parts once heated except with the WG2 tool or with fumo hookah tongs. Due to the high temperatures transferred to the WG2 by the heated coals, severe burns may result in improper handling prior to allowing sufficient time for the unit to cool. The WG2 may stay hot for several hours after use.