1.  Q: Can you use the WG2 with a small fumo bowl?   A: Yes, the fumo WG2 can be use with the small fumo bowl. Althought the WG2 is  optimized and sized to work with the large fumo bowl it works with the small fumo bowl as well. Just make sure at least one of the bottom screen vent holes are positioned over the bowl and shisha area. You can do this by pulling the WG2 to one side of the bowl.

2.  Q: Can the WG2 be used with non-fumo bowls.  A: Yes, the WG2 can be used with non-fumo bowls both large and small, however the bowl must have a level smooth top rim that provides a resonably good seal for the WG2 to sit on. Although we do not guarentee that the WG2 will fit all manufactures hookah bowls, the WG2 was tested and did work well with the majority of the popular non-fumo bowls and  standard sizes. For large bowls the inner bowl rim should not be wider than 80 millimeters (3.14 inches) or smaller than 55 millimeters (2.16 inches).  See our how to use page (http://www.fwg2.com/team/) for more set up details.   

3.  Q: How is the WG2 different than other heat management systems?  A: The WG2 is designed (once up to full operating temperature) to maintain a constant heat for the duration of the smoking session. Other systems have a varying range of temperature during a session and have a need to be regulated in some manner. Coal rotation or varying head ventilation are common regulating methods for other heat management systems. With the WG2 all you need to do is add hot coals and then replace the coals once they are depleted. In addition to constant heat delivery the WG2 is designed to not need direct contact with the shisha. A small space of about 3 millimeters (1/8 inch) between the WG2 and the shisha is desired. This has 2 benefits. The first is that the Shisha will not burn as with direct contact systems, causing a smoother more flavorful smoke. The second is that the shisha will not stick to the WG2 since it is not in direct contact with the shisha.

4.  Q: How many coals do I need to properly operate the WG2?  A: The answer varies depending on the type of bowl, size of bowl, type of coal, size of coal and possibly ambient smoking environmental temperature. Normally 3 medium sized coals (30mm) will be sufficient for normal use. At times, 4 coals may be used in a colder ambient environments or if smaller sized coals are used or not fully heated. The top dome of the WG2 is designed to allow the user to add additional coal(s) depending on their need and smoking configuration. If the smoke is thin after the initial startup our recommendation is to add one more fully heated coal. note: Coals need to be fully heated before use. If coals are not fully heated (red hot) then the WG2 may fail to heat up properly and may deliver less than perfect results.

5.  Q: How do I use the WG2 with a smaller bowl or Fumo regular bowl?  A: One tip is to reverse the screen by taking the top screen and making it the bottom screen.  You can do this by getting a phillips head screw driver, removing the screw, reposition the screens and replace the set screw on the bottom. This will allow additional airflow to the head bowl.